Internal Control

Internal Control

General Information

Our faculty was established with the Law No. 5662, which was published in the Official Gazette dated May 29, 2007 and numbered 26536 together with our University.

Since the 2008-2009 academic year in the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, and in the Department of Political Science and Public Administration, and the International Trade and Logistics department, education activities have been continuing at the undergraduate level. Currently, I and II of Economics, Business, Political Science and Public Administration and International Trade and Logistics departments. 952 students in total continue their education.

1-Control Environment Standards

Internal Control Commission

KOS1- Ethical Values and Integrity

Ethics Agreement

KOS2- Mission-Vision, Organizational Structure and Duties

Mission Vision

Organization Structure

Sensitive Missions

Personnel Job Distribution

KOS3- Qualification of Staff and Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation Form

KOS4-Delegation of Authority

Authorization Transfer Form

2-Risk Assessment

RDS1- Planning and Programming

RDS2- Identification and Evaluation of Risks

-Risk Determination and Evaluation Form

Corporate Risk Map

-Risk Scoreboard

-Risk Action Plan Table

-Risk Profile Table

-Risk Action Plan Working Group

3-Control Activities Standards

KFS1- Control Strategies and Methods

Control Strategies and Methods

KFS2- Determination of Procedures

-Service Inventory

Service Standards

-Work Flow Charts

KFS3- Separation of Duties

KFS4- Hierarchical Controls

KFS5- Continuity of Activities

-Duty Definitions

Task Transfer Form

KFS6- Information Systems Controls

-Access-Authorization Commitment

4-Information Systems Controls

BIS1- Information and Communication

BIS2- Reporting-Unit Activity Reports

-2013 Annual Report

-2014 Annual Report

-2015 Annual Report

-2016 Annual Report

-2017 Annual Report

-2018 Annual Report

-2019 Annual Report

BIS3- Registry Filing System (EBYS-Archive is up to date and organized.)

BIS4- Reporting Errors, Irregularities and Corruptions

- Personnel Suggestion Form

- Complaint Petition

- Minutes


IS1- Internal Control Evaluation

Internal Control Evaluation Form

IS2- Internal Audit

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