Board Members

1) Prof. Dr. İbrahim Halil SEYREK (President)

2) Prof. Dr. Ruhat YAŞAR (Member)

3) Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman ÇETİN (Member)

4) Prof. Dr. Aydın USTA (Member)

5) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet ŞENTÜRK (Member)

6) Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sumru BAKAN (Member)

7) Assist. Prof. Dr. Faruk BARTAN (Member)


Higher Education Law No. 2547


Faculty Executive Board: Article 18 -


a. Establishment and functioning: The faculty board of directors consists of three professors, two associate professors and a doctor lecturer elected by the faculty board for three years under the chairmanship of the dean.


The faculty board of directors convenes upon the call of the dean.

The board of directors can establish temporary working groups, education - training coordinatorships and regulate their duties if deemed necessary.


b. Duties: Faculty board of directors is an auxiliary body in administrative activities and performs the following duties:


(1) To assist the dean in the implementation of the principles determined by the decisions of the Faculty Board,

(2) To ensure the implementation of the faculty's education - training, plans and programs and the calendar,

(3) To prepare the investment, program and budget draft of the Faculty,

(4) To take decisions in all the works of the dean related to faculty management,

(5) To decide on the acceptance, course adaptations and deductions of students, and the procedures of education, training and examinations,

(6) To perform other duties assigned by this law.


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